Best European One day Granfondos

Granfondo....Sportive....Cyclo....?? call them what you want, but these mass participation cycling events have become the most popular form of competitive bike riding that is currently leaving road racing & time trial events way behind.

Firstly, importantly, I want to explain why I think the granfondo market is so popular.....the open format enables all levels of riders to be involved. You could have been riding for 6 months or 20 years. From riders who's goal may be just to finish the event to those aiming to cross the line in the top 10, everyone stands on the same early morning start line. Everyone takes a timing chip. Everyone rides the same course. Everyone get a finishing time & placement which means so much to so many............Whether novice or elite: All Different - All Equal.

I thought I should spend a little time breaking down all the jargon and running you through some of the European cycling events that we know you will love.

Many of the European events tackle the most famous, iconic road climbs in the world. Alpine that have seen epic battles from the Giro d'Italia and Le Tour de France's a few of our favourites. Close to our hearts & our home in the French Alps: